Hundreds of thousands of handmade woolen pile carpets are produced each year along the rug belt - from Marrakesh to Tianjin, the majority woven in traditional designs after antique models.
Antique Classic,
Late 18th Century
Caravan Classics
ZH-403, 2003
Yet how many of these carpets are imbued with the spirit of the masterpiece it was inspired by, and how many more remain accurate, but lifeless copies of those same antique masterpieces?

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18th Century Classic
Caravan Classics
ZH-601, 2003
At Caravan Classics, we understand the importance of the above question, all the while knowing there is no definitive answer. Of course, there are the obvious responses such as; using the best quality materials and employing the most skillful craftsmen. And yet we feel there is more to it than that. While we acknowledge the mysterious nature of re-creating a masterpiece, we none-the-less feel the importance of striving for the elusive answers, and this we do - as each new rug appears on our looms.