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Caravan Classics selects only the most noteworthy classic & traditional designs for the Old Ningxia, Oasis, and Peking lines; those that world experts, scholars and posterity have designated as the most valued, beautiful and important.

Working from high resolution images we transform the designs into digital graphs, or cartoons, carefully preserving the subtle relationships and nuances between colors, proportions and weaving styles. Many designs are re-created virtually knot for knot from the antique prototype.

At the next stage, master Chinese weavers begin the process of reinterpreting the same motifs and elements first woven by their counterparts from centuries ago. These processes are laborious, and require both time and patience. We do not frivolously add designs simply to fill up catalog pages or inventory.

Each design that is re-created has been carefully and thoughtfully considered. We are continuously culling the literature for new designs that meet the lofty criteria for excellence.