To understand the concept behind Caravan Classics, one first needs to understand a little about the modern rug market.

The 1980’s found the market in a state of decline. Chemical dyes, low grade, machine-spun wool and out-dated designs dominated production.

Around that time a few visionary men sparked what is now referred to as a “Renaissance” in the modern rug market. This they did by returning to the old way of rug making by using vegetable dyes and superior quality hand-spun wool. That was nearly 30 years ago, and these few individuals paved the way for today’s resurgence in high-end carpets.


Caravan Classics was founded in 1999. At the outset we observed that one of the world's major weaving centers was hardly participating in this “Renaissance”, and that the traditional designs from this weaving center were being completely ignored.

The weaving center in question is China, and the designs from this remarkable culture are known as “classical Chinese carpets”.

At Caravan Classics we specialize in the re-creation of classical Chinese carpets using 100% natural dyes and superior quality hand spun wool.


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